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Donations and Support

The Medtronic Employee Emergency Assistance Fund immediately helps employees who are facing financial hardship after a large scale natural disaster. The Fund relies primarily on individual donations from employees, and the donations will be matched by Medtronic Foundation. Every contribution helps and when combined with the donations of others can provide a tax-free grant (USA) to help a fellow employee in need when they are facing the unexpected.

Make a Donation

MEEAF is responding to Medtronic employee needs related to COVID who are ill, quarantined or impacted by schools and businesses being closed for an extended period of time with grants that help employees with food, medical costs not covered by insurance or other means, mortgage or rent assistance for primary residence, unexpected childcare for up to 60 days, etc.

Now through May 31, 2021, the Medtronic Foundation is offering a 2:1 match (up to the individual max cap of $5,000 USD) for charitable donations made by Medtronic employees and retirees to any eligible nonprofit around the world.

You can make a voluntary ongoing gift or one-time gift through the Volunteer & Giving website at

To make a US donation using your Credit Card, Debit Card or other available options click here.

To make a Non-US donation using your Credit Card, Debit Card click here.

To make a donation via Text-to-Give, simply text the unique keyword “MEDEAF" to 71777.

All donations to the fund at the Emergency Assistance Foundation, Inc. are tax deductible in the U.S. The EIN# for the Emergency Assistance Foundation is 45-1813056.

Apply for a Grant

If you are experiencing the effects of a qualified disaster you can apply for a grant for financial assistance. Please read the Application FAQ to see if you qualify.

The Emergency Assistance Foundation, Inc. administers all fund activities, and when needed assist applicants with their grant applications. Medtronic will not have any insight into the grant process unless a grant recipient chooses to share his or her story.

The Emergency Assistance Foundation is here to help applicants through their challenging times. Please click the link above for social service suggestions, educational courses that cover everything from disaster preparedness to financial education and morŠµ.